11 Makeup Hacks Every Girl Should Know

11 Makeup Hacks Every Girl Should Know
11 Makeup Hacks Every Girl Should Know

With age comes wisdom, so I’m glad to share a number of the items I’ve learned about makeup over the years with you that I wish I had learned sooner.
Below are 11 makeup tips that I had to find out the hard way…

Thick, Natural-Looking Brows Are Best

I wore my brows much thinner in university and was lucky enough to possess most of them to grow back during a few years after once I came to my senses.

To make them pop, I also wont to fill my brows with a dark eye shadow for an ultra defined look.

Luckily, I’ve opted for a way softer brow look now. I only fill within the middle to ends of my brows and confirm to go away some skin showing through on the section closest to my nose.

Most people’s brows are naturally sparser there, so filling during this area can look overdone and harsh. I also don’t fill them in as dark as before, creating a way softer look on my aging face.

Everything Deserves A Second Chance

There are always makeup products that just don’t compute on the primary try.

In the past, if something didn’t compute directly, it went into the rear of an old drawer never to be seen again.

But there are numerous belongings you can do with makeup and I’ve learned that sometimes you’ve got to think outside of the box to form things work.

For example, if I buy a bronzer that’s too dark, or brown for my pale cheeks, I’ll use it as a shadow within the crease of my eye instead.

Similarly, with highlighters that are too bronze or gold – throw them onto your lid for an everywhere shimmer! If a foundation’s too matte, I’ll mix it in with another foundation or add in some facial oil to offer it some dew.

If a concealer doesn’t work under my eyes, I’ll try it out as an eyelid primer instead.

Long story short, I attempt to exhaust all options before deciding that a makeup product doesn’t work. That also means if I tell you that I tossed a product, it had been a true lemon!

Experiment With Different Shades

Being very pale, I often stuck to very cool tones and never strayed too far from my temperature. I never really thought I could achieve an orange eye shadow or warm red lip.

But within the last year approximately I started trying new shades and experimenting with warmer tones in my eye shadows and that I love them.

Not every color works on me, but sometimes you only need to try various things before assuming they’re just not for you.

Blush Application Can Vary

I have a round face (that I hate) and I’ve read plenty of beauty articles proclaiming that round faces should never apply blush to the apples of the cheeks.

However, I decided to finally put this theory to the test and now I’m dusting my cheeks with the blush daily. It’s wrong!

I confirm to stay to the meatiest a part of the cheek to tug off this blush look – if I apply it too high or too low it’s clown city.

Don’t always believe what you read – try a couple of different methods and see what works best on you.


I only started contouring a year or two ago, but if you’ve got a round face, let me tell you that contouring is often your best friend!

Contouring helps reduce my face and make me feel a touch less like I even have an enormous, round pumpkin sitting on my shoulders.

I also use contouring to assist hide my buccula and sometimes reduce my nose (but I save that for special occasions).

How I Apply Primer

I have visible pores on my cheeks and I’ve never really been ready to make pore-filling primers work on my behalf of me.

However, I recently determined that perhaps I wasn’t applying my primer properly? Now I attempt to push the primer into my pores instead of rubbing and massaging it in sort of cream.

And you recognize what? I find this method does work better. Such an easy idea, why didn’t I feel of it before?

Double Cleansing to get rid of Makeup may be a MUST!

I am embarrassed as a beauty blogger to mention that I only started double cleansing a few years ago – how did my skin survive?

I now use copra oil or The Body Shop’s Sumptuous Camomile Cleansing Butter to get rid of my makeup and follow up with a mild facial cleanser to wash up any leftover bits.

My skin and that I am now back on speaking terms again.

Highlighter Has Many Functions

I’ve used a highlighting powder along my cheekbones and on my forehead for several a few years and I’m cognizant that you simply also can apply it on the bridge of the nose, the chin, and your cupid’s bow (although I skip these parts).

But I’ve more recently acknowledged that you simply can use highlighter on:

your collarbones and/or shoulders to feature some glow to a summer outfit
the center of your bottom lip on top of a matte lip or lip gloss to form your pout look a touch fuller
on your eyelids or inner corners for a few extra shimmers on the go
mixed in together with your lotion or body oil for an everywhere body glow

Eye Shadow Is All About Blending

I desire YouTube has helped me up to my eye makeup game lately.

I feel tons more confident about the way to put a glance together and better apply my shadows.

Starting with a light-weight everywhere lid shade, one or two transition shades within the crease, a deeper shade within the outer corner, and perhaps a touch of shimmer on the lid.

And the secret to creating of these shades work? Blending, blending, always blending. Not only are YouTube makeup videos entertaining, but they’re educational too.

I like My Makeup Sponge

When I was younger, I used a flat foundation brush to use my foundation.

Back then, just about any foundation, I attempted would work on my twenty-something skin. But nowadays, texture and fine lines are creeping in and my foundation brush does not cut it.

I tried employing a damp makeup sponge for foundation application a few years ago and haven’t looked back!

The sponge applies tons less product which helps me avoid the dreaded cake face and helps push the merchandise into all my nooks and crannies.

If you continue to prefer employing a foundation brush, I like to recommend dabbing a humid makeup sponge of your foundation afterward to urge obviate excess foundation or visible brush strokes.

employing a Damp Makeup Sponge to line My Foundation With Powder
I started setting my full face with powder employing a damp makeup sponge a few years ago and it had been truly a game changer!

Not only does it make my foundation last longer, but it helps to fill in pores and features for an almost airbrushed finish.


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