6 Tips for a Successful Marriage

6 Tips for a Successful Marriage

First, what’s a successful marriage?

There are no “correct” or “one-size fits all” answer. Everyone has their own opinions on what makes a wedding successful, but all of them use equivalent principles to urge there. the following pointers for a successful marriage will set you up for an extended and lasting relationship if you’re willing to place within the work.

Maybe you think that a successful marriage means you never get divorced. somebody else might imagine it’s only successful if you’re both happy, not just staying together for fear of the financial instability or emotional effects of separation.

Let me also just say, the following pointers are meant to organize you for the struggles you’ll face within the future, and guide you thru the challenges you’re facing now. No marriage is ideal, but some are happier and stronger than others due to the work that’s put into them.

Now, what are my tips for a successful marriage?


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