8 Relationship Tips Couples Therapists

8 Relationship Tips Couples Therapists

A few weeks ago, I cried at my husband (oh yes, you’ll cry at somebody), saying, “You’re the sole person I’m allowed to hold out with and you don’t even want to try to do anything!” What am I able to say?

I’m a peach.

I’m also not alone when it involves handling relationship struggles immediately. because of the entire and utter chaos we’re all handling, a number of the happiest couples I do know are jittery.

Whether or to not attend a replacement park versus an old park has become a red-alert conflict. Small daily tasks become tempting opportunities to snip at one another. Sound familiar?

To be fair, not all couples are having a rough go of it.

Vagdevi Meunier, Psy.D., master trainer for the Gottman Institute and licensed psychotherapist at the middle for Relationships in Austin, tells SELF that the strain of the pandemic has brought many of her couples closer.

And, well, good for them.

For the remainder of folks mortals who are having a tough time with relationships immediately, SELF spoke with three couples therapists for the recommendation they’re handing out regularly lately.

These are by no means the sole tips

that may strengthen your relationship immediately, but they’re those these therapists find themselves giving time and time again.

And, honestly, let’s say you’re during a relationship that’s thriving during the pandemic—these tips might make things even better.

No surprise: the most important piece of advice is to speak.

This is very true when it involves feelings about the pandemic. The pandemic has ripple effects in nearly every part of our lives, whether you’re dealing with it relatively well or feeling completely underwater.


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