15 Tips To Make A Man Feel Loved

15 Tips To Make A Man Feel Loved

Deeply rooted within the heart of each man is the desire to be accepted and appreciated by his special one. Men might not be ready to verbalize their needs all the time, but there are ways they like to be treated by the people in their lives, above all their women. the necessity to know the individuality of your man, to flow freely without frustration is extremely important.

The Following gestures when expressed by women, make their men feel loved and highly valued:

Feed Him Well

You must have heard the old saying that “a hungry man is an angry man”. People generally respond better after they need been well fed, men are not any exception to the present. The thanks to a man’s heart are thru his belly. Cook your man’s favorite meals for him, and let him feed to his satisfaction. By doing this, you register your name eternally in his heart and he will never leave you for the other person nor accept less.

Value Yourself

Let’s face it, it’s no use expecting somebody else to like us except we old flame ourselves. If we can’t appreciate ourselves, how then can we expect others to understand us? Lack of affection for ourselves makes us gloomy and usually unapproachable and that I am sure ‘unapproachable’ isn’t what you would like to be because it’s one of the fastest ways of creating your man feel unloved and detached from you.


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