banana pack for winter dry skin

“Winter may be a season of recovery and preparation.” – Paul Theroux

The American travel writer and novelist summed it up aptly.

Long and languid days of summer subside to frigid and drying winter. Our skin goes through tons in summer with tanning and sun damage. Winter is equally harsh with dry winds resulting in stretched and dry skin.

Hence winters are a time to regroup from that skin damage and also steel oneself against the harshness of winter on our skin.

We already use a surfeit of chemical products

so how about watching some natural remedies to combat the itchy and parched winter skin.

These remedies are economical and straightforward enough to form and use.

Diligence and patience are the keys to achieving super hydrated and glowing skin within the winters. Compliments will follow you everywhere

It’s that point of the year again!

Winter makes your skin dry but fortunately, Mother Nature may be a very neutral person and when she causes a drag, she also leaves behind a variety of solutions!


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