13 Tips to Lose Face Fat

13 Tips to Lose Face Fat

A full face is completely nothing to be ashamed of. It helps you age gracefully while keeping your look youthful. However, if you are feeling as if your fuller cheeks are a result of weight gain or excess fluid retention, there are ways to slim out your face, making it look nice and elongated. From the way to wear your hair to makeup tricks and healthy eating habits, we’ve rounded up 13 tips for a way to lose face fat!

How to Lose Face Fat: 13 Tips and Exercises

Try A Sleek Updo

Pulling your hair into a high ponytail or bun will draw the eyes up your face, making your face look nice and elongated. the upper your hair, the thinner your face will look, so don’t be afraid to urge creative with a very high ponytail or top bun.

Wear Long Earrings

One of the simplest ways to elongate your face is to wear long, dangly earrings. They’ll draw attention to the length of your neck, hiding the roundness of your face. Long earrings with a sleek updo may be a double whammy which will have you ever looking stunning!


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