6 tips For Healthy Marriage After Kids

6 tips For Healthy Marriage After Kids
6 tips For Healthy Marriage After Kids

After asking you guys what quite content you’d wish to see on the blog, numerous of you requested ‘marriage advice after kids’.

due to the multiple requests

I knew it had been important to require this material. I’ll be honest… It feels a touch bit strange sharing my marriage openly with the planet (I think it just makes me feel a touch bit vulnerable). However, I feel it’s a subject that the majority of couples can relate to and I’m excited to dive right in.

Just to offer you a touch of a ‘back story’ – Nick and that I met while we were in high school. We were introduced by our greatest friends (but lived in separate cities), and that we started ‘dating’ once I was 14 (I know…so young. Crazy right)? We dated throughout high school and ended up ending at the top of my grade 12 year. We both needed to experience life without each other and have the chance to become our people.

I went off to college, he went off to school.

We dated people, partied a touch bit an excessive amount of, all the while trying desperately to ditch one other and advance. It didn’t work so well. I called him at some point at the top of my first year, and that we decided to satisfy for a brief visit.

The love I had for him never changed…and all of these emotions were so intense that I knew I couldn’t live without him. we’ve been together ever since (married for six years and a couple of babies later). we’ve known one another for a complete of 16 years and that I can honestly say he’s my person.


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