Exact secrets to look pretty overnight

Exact secrets to look pretty overnight
Exact secrets to look pretty overnight

Here are some beauty tips you’re gonna love, secrets to seem pretty overnight, with or without makeup. once I wrote my ‘how to glow up’ guide I realized there are numerous useful tips I didn’t include that I exploit and swear by a day.

They are perfect for working into your am/night routine to form it extra fun. Here’s the way to look pretty, albeit you simply have 5 mins to wash up and obtain ready! I will be able to make certain to feature extra products and tips I learn as I’m going 🙂

Looking pretty in five minutes:

Wear the Nars Orgasm lip shade

it is proven to be the amount one lip product that ‘gets you to hit on’, for an honest reason! Applying a red lip is scientifically said to form you look more attractive but it doesn’t need to be a stark red, it’s all about finding your perfect red lip.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in shade tete-a-tete

this lip liner goes perfectly with Nars Orgasm and makes your lips look insane, it’s a fantastic product!

An acne-safe full coverage concealer

this is often a gamechanger and provides such great coverage, it is so, so worth it! it’s perfect to ‘spot treat’ any areas of the face you would like to hide (like popping plasters on) so you’ll even go without foundation.

It is so kind to the skin too and excellent for sensitive and oily skin types, also as being vegan and cruelty-free, I can’t recommend this one enough!


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