11 Hair Mistakes You’re Making

11 Hair Mistakes You’re Making That May Be Ruining Your Luscious Locks

I remember the day I killed my hair. I had just finished an at-home straightening treatment that reeked of rotten eggs, and that I was trying to style my new coif. But my locks were oddly limp and lifeless, the bangs clingy to my forehead. I reached up and pulled at a number of the strands around my face, only to possess them to break off in my hand. this is often only one example of the various hair mistakes I’ve made in my life.

Over the years, I’ve done some major damage to my hair. I’ve bleached it, dyed it, straightened it. I even shaved it on the aforementioned day when my hair died. I got tons of props for being bold and assured – a Puerto Rican Sinead O’Connor without a ripped-up picture of the Pope – but the reality was that I had pushed my poor follicles to their limit. But even without the constant coloring and heating, there are many ways women ruin their hair. From daily rituals to one-time occurrences, here are all the ways you’re ruining your hair – and the way to show things around and make your hair the healthiest it’s ever been.


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